Absolutely Does What It Says
May 18, 2014

I am battling breast cancer (naturally….no surgery, chemo, or radiation!!!), and this was recommended as a part of my supplement regimen. It is an amazing product. I have a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer (HER2 positive), and it has NOT spread to my lymph nodes or any other parts of my body. I credit what I did before my diagnosis (I have always believed in natural health and have taken various supplements my entire adult life), and this product as well, for making the doctors scratch their heads in awe that this “aggressive” form of cancer has not spread the way they insisted it would. I will continue to take at lower doses when the cancer is gone. My tumor has started shrinking (by 2 centimeters), much to the doctors’ surprise. I credit God first (for His wisdom), and this and other products in my protocol.