They are amazing especially for awareness all day, no lulls in the afternoon, NO pms, no intense emotional mood swings that you have to control and NO cramps! YEAH! the ladies need to know this – even if they just took the immune force it would help with these symptoms – it’s well worth the investment. thanks!


Sharon’s Liver Lab Charts. Click to enlarge.



May, 2015

I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies and supplements, but the BioScience International line seems to be the best out there. I’ve had sinus issues since childhood and Immune Force has greatly diminished them. My life has been intense lately with 60+ hour work weeks, major life challenges, and regular traveling across country.Their products (Brain Power, Immune Force, Liver Strength, and Ultimate Fish Blend) have been a key part of my health regime to keep me healthy, energized and strong through it all. One other major benefit I noticed was last winter when I caught a cold/flu and I increased my dosage of Immune Force and the cold was gone in two days!

Aaron Pyne