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My father has stage IV cancer and has been taking chemotherapy for the past 8months. He has seen great results from using Immune force during Chemo!! He has very few side effects from the Chemotherapy. Immune force gives him more energy, and his blood work has been great despite being on chemo for this long. It also helps strengthen and protect his immune system from any pathogens during the chemo!


My work entails vigilance and focus. After a long stressful day, I find myself feeling physically and mentally drained with back and neck spasms. I started taking Immune Force and I feel strong and energized with a sense of clarity.I don’t feel out of balance and my muscle spasms have since disappeared.

Marlyn Cheng, M.D 5/25

Since I began taking Immune Force, along with the liver strength, brain power and fish oil supplements I have experienced a significant expansion in both my physical and energetic capacities. My energy level is markedly increased and the joint inflammation that I had typically experienced following workouts has been completely alleviated, resulting in greater flexibility and heightened endurance. My general health has been enhanced and I develop fewer colds, despite significant air travel. Most importantly, my sleep patterns have changed dramatically. I had struggled to develop a regular cycle of restful sleep for many years and I am now experiencing uninterrupted sleep and awakening in a more relaxed state.

Stephen R. Bochner, M.D. 4/15

I had a wound on the side of my head that has not healed in over three years. It would just scab over and nothing more. Since I have started to take Immune Force, it has shrunk and now the scar is completely gone. …. I work in a hospital and am exposed to many diseases. I’ve noticed a greater ability to resist these diseases and an overall increase in feeling healthy.

Kenneth Self, R.N. 10/13

For the past several years, I have had a low body temperature running at 97.7⁰F. My Thyroid hormone levels are normal, including my Free T3. I have not been able to raise my temp by exercise of diet. I eat organic, am gluten free, casein free and do not eat any GMO foods or processed foods. I started taking Immune Force several months ago and last week, to my pleasant surprise, my body temp came up to 98.4⁰F. I cannot attribute this to anything other than Immune Force. I am quite impressed by this product.

H. Klein, M.D. 10/13