• Strengthens natural protective Immunity.
  • Supports strong circulation and low inflammation
  • Boosts energy and revitalizes cellular power
  • Active-oil, soft gel delivery targets liver and brain communication.

Our new size of Immune force is here! As requested, we replaced our larger bottle for a more convenient size! Easy to take on the go!


Mushrooms are the great warriors of nature capable of thriving under the most stressful conditions. They are a perfect fuel for ensuring vitality and optimal Immune wellness.

Immune Force is the breakthrough that combines the forces of Mushroom absorption, and systemic communication, to an entirely new level. Using an oil based, delivery mechanism that encapsulates the mushrooms and herbs, Immune force penetrates deeply and supports the cells in the natural form the body can recognize.

Combinations designed to work in Synergy

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IMMUNE FORCE, unlike any other supplement has a delivery mechanism of herbs, alcohol and oil in a soft-gel. This combination is designed to penetrate and deliver directly to the liver the support your liver needs to remain in its optimal position for natural detoxification, replenishment of body’s reserves and clear communication between the liver and brain.

A strong Immune System is dependent on healthy communication between all systems in the body. When the liver and brain are signaling clearly the Immune System will be at its strongest. Immune Force helps maintain that clear communication using natural herbs, oils and micro nutrients that foster cellular wellness


  • Enhance multi-tiered Immune Function by empowering communication between the liver gut and brain.
  • Assist the body in maintaining low inflammation and powerful circulation.
  • Empower the body’s natural defense mechanism by supporting the Immune system with strong oils and mushrooms that can be absorbed rather than agitate the liver and nervous system.

Suggested Use:
Take 4 softgels 2-3 times per day 20 minutes after meals. For more intensive support take up to 8-16 soft gels 2-3 times per day.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if safety seal around top of bottle is missing or broken. Store at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Weight 0.439 kg
Dimensions 8.89 x 8.89 x 17.145 cm
Quantity Per Bottle 240 Softgels
Discount On Bulk Orders Save Money when you buy in quantity • $92.50/ 1-2 bottles • $87.50/ 3-5 bottles • $85.50/ 6+ bottles

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