Rachel New York, NY

An autoimmune issue had me losing my eyebrows, eyelashes and hair in clumps. As a woman who had enjoyed having a nice head of hair most of her life, I found this quite disturbing. So much hair would fall out that the drains in my sinks clogged and I could have knitted a sweater with all of the lost hair. Each time I’d get my hair cut, my hair guy would hold up clumps of my lost hair in his hands.  The frustrating part about it was that I couldn’t take any of the hair growth pills on the market because they contain gluten or other ingredients I am allergic to. Then a few weeks ago, I discovered Bioscience Int​ernational Ultimate Fish Blend. They are not like any other fish pill on the market. People will say they have tried fish pills but they don’t understand.  Until they have tried these, they have not tried fish pills The difference is in the delivery system and the cutting edge technology. If you have any issues with digestion and absorbing nutrients and vitamins (as I did), this product is created in such a way that your cells and body actually recognizes it and eagerly uses it. I’m grateful and happy to report that after a few weeks of taking these fish pills every day and my hair is no longer falling out. Not only that, it’s shiny and strong and the way it used to be. I went to the hair salon yesterday and my hair guy said asked me right away what had happened. He said my hair was stronger, longer and I have more of it too. He said he had never seen it like this before. I’m writing this to share my story with others so we can all enjoy strength, radiance and vibrancy inside and out.

Immune Force: # 1 – The Most Powerful Immune System Supplement, because of Its Anti-inflammatory Effect and Mushroom Content. Immune Support – Immune System Booster. (240 caps/bottle) (Health and Beauty)
I started taking Immune Force two weeks ago for celiac/autoimmune issues and it has made a life-changing difference in my energy levels, joint pain, digestion, sleep, nervous system, and overall vibrancy. An amazing side effect of taking Immune Force is that the life-long eczema on my leg has vanished like Houdini after just two weeks. See attached before/after photos here. I took Before photos after I noticed this product was curing my eczema after taking this a few days, so it was definitely much worse before. This product is like nothing else on the market, I have tried pretty much all of them – and this is the only time I’ve actually had real results. . And the results are dramatic + life-transforming. I’m so grateful I found these products and am excited for you to experience the healing benefits if you try! Whole-heartedly recommend! Thank you.
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I had two big cyst in my uterus and had to wait 3 weeks for them the shrink or do a surgery. I started taking immune force as soon as I left the doctors office after my good friend and client recommended it to me. I ended up going in to the doctors office one week early and found out that the cyst were completely gone. I couldn’t believe it.
This stuff works.
Thank you so much!



My father has stage IV cancer and has been taking chemotherapy for the past 8months. He has seen great results from using Immune force during Chemo!! He has very few side effects from the Chemotherapy. Immune force gives him more energy, and his blood work has been great despite being on chemo for this long. It also helps strengthen and protect his immune system from any pathogens during the chemo!

Vitaliy Landa

I have been on a spiritual path for the last twelve years, meditating, yoga, working with spiritual teachers. My goal was to find a state of mind that is peaceful and calm. Even though all those practices helped to reach those states, it’s always been hard to stay in them for a long time. After starting to take Immune Force and Brain Support with Ultimate Fish Blend achieving those states of mind became much easier and a feeling of peace and calm that is deeper and more stable was achieved that I couldn’t achieve before.

Alex Morgovsky

I’ve been taking the Immune Force for years now.  It is truly a gift to take these, and has made my life better in a lot of ways.  I don’t get sick anymore, I survive harsh conditions like freezing cold, people coughing and spreading germs all over the place, sweltering heat, humidity, pollen, and everything that life has to offer.  And I will continue taking this supplement for life.  I recommend it to everyone, without any doubts or reservations.  Thanks BioScience!


They are amazing especially for awareness all day, no lulls in the afternoon, NO pms, no intense emotional mood swings that you have to control and NO cramps! YEAH! the ladies need to know this – even if they just took the immune force it would help with these symptoms – it’s well worth the investment. thanks!

Eunice Ward

In the beginning of 2014, I was having problems with being jaundice and all other symptoms associated with gall bladder, liver and bile duct issues. I discovered Immune Force while researching medical information on the Internet.  I knew with out a doubt that this was going to be the answer to my problem.  I had three tumors on my bile duct and was eventually scheduled for the Whipple procedure.  I only had three weeks to work on the problem before my surgery.  I started out taking the minimum dosage and worked up to 27 pills a day. During my surgery the doctor reported that when he touched the tumors they fell off like dust.  I made a miraculous recovery and I thank God for this wonderful product because it played a major part in saving my life.

Marlyn Cheng, M.D 5/25

My work entails vigilance and focus. After a long stressful day, I find myself feeling physically and mentally drained with back and neck spasms. I started taking Immune Force and I feel strong and energized with a sense of clarity.I don’t feel out of balance and my muscle spasms have since disappeared.

Aaron Pyne

May, 2015

I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies and supplements, but the BioScience International line seems to be the best out there. I’ve had sinus issues since childhood and Immune Force has greatly diminished them. My life has been intense lately with 60+ hour work weeks, major life challenges, and regular traveling across country.Their products (Brain Power, Immune Force, Liver Strength, and Ultimate Fish Blend) have been a key part of my health regime to keep me healthy, energized and strong through it all. One other major benefit I noticed was last winter when I caught a cold/flu and I increased my dosage of Immune Force and the cold was gone in two days!

Stephen R. Bochner, M.D. 4/15

Since I began taking Immune Force, along with the liver strength, brain power and fish oil supplements I have experienced a significant expansion in both my physical and energetic capacities. My energy level is markedly increased and the joint inflammation that I had typically experienced following workouts has been completely alleviated, resulting in greater flexibility and heightened endurance. My general health has been enhanced and I develop fewer colds, despite significant air travel. Most importantly, my sleep patterns have changed dramatically. I had struggled to develop a regular cycle of restful sleep for many years and I am now experiencing uninterrupted sleep and awakening in a more relaxed state.

Dinesh Jobanputra

March, 2015

I used the Bioscience Immune Force softgels and within a few weeks not only did it help with my cold symptoms, but also the cold sores that normally get worse for me in the winter. Thanks.


November 20, 2014

I have been on Immune Force for 1 year now consistently and am amazed at the progress of my health. I had suffered from an inflamed prostate since my early teens and had tried all forms of dietary changes as well as numerous natural and allopathic healing protocols. They barely helped. After 1 year on Immune Force I am now 90% symptom free. My immune system has dramatically improved. I used to constantly weaken when flying on airplanes and often get sick. I am flying all the time and now and not getting sick at all.

I am extremely grateful for this product.

Toni I H.

October 27, 2014

My sister Diane is still taking the Immune Force. It has done wonders for her. Her cancer A-Typical CML has mutated into a treatable cancer. AML Leukemia which is now treatable.Diane swears it’s the Immune Force that is keeping her doing so well. Thank you


Sandy Y.

March 19, 2014

We were in St. Louis this past week and my daughter, Toni, called and was very excited. She had her blood test results last week and her CA125 score went from 264 three weeks ago to 37! Her doctor (who was the one who advised her from the start not to take supplements) has now told her to keep doing whatever she is doing. We are thrilled, although I know she is not out of the woods yet. This same doctor was also not able to find any tumor with a physical examination…Thank you so much for being there when I really needed an answer and hope for my daughter! We are all very confident that your products have gotten her through this horror to this point. Part of this is Immune Force which my husband and I have started taking daily.

Brian T.

April 21, 2014

Also, just a note for what it’s worth, I had some bad gum disease in the back of my mouth on 2 sides and now they are almost completely healed on their own since starting Immune Force, so a very good side effect!


Don D.

March 18, 2014

I wanted to let you know that I ordered the products that you suggested when I found out my girlfriend had cervical cancer. The ultrasound showed tumors everywhere. After using your product for 2 months she was checked again with a thorough internal examination. All signs of cancer were gone.

She still has HPV, which is what caused it all, but I am certain Immune Force will rid her of that. The Dr. said there was no cure for this either. He was amazed with the results and you can bet if one of his loved ones gets cancer he will be calling you. Many thanks.

Sean McDonnell

This could be a break through product
May 28, 2014

Immune force came to me highly recommended from a very reputable source. I started take immune force at a rather high dose. The product did what it said, just a bit too well. I am happily taking a low dosage right now. Even at a low dosage, I have noticed a big difference in my over well being.
For the last 12 years I have had some type of infection in my gallbladder that was not getting any better. Immune force is working to clear that infection-slowly. It is my opinion that this product is a break through in achieving optimal health.

Louisa Compton

Balance and Clarity with no more sugar cravings
 June 12, 2014

I have never written a review but this is a product that has really helped me. Since I started taking Immune Force I have more energy, more clarity and the sugar cravings that use to plague me after lunch and dinner have completely gone. I am more in balance and can’t recommend this enough. I just finished a bottle and am looking forward to the arrival of my next one!


Absolutely Does What It Says
May 18, 2014

I am battling breast cancer (naturally….no surgery, chemo, or radiation!!!), and this was recommended as a part of my supplement regimen. It is an amazing product. I have a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer (HER2 positive), and it has NOT spread to my lymph nodes or any other parts of my body. I credit what I did before my diagnosis (I have always believed in natural health and have taken various supplements my entire adult life), and this product as well, for making the doctors scratch their heads in awe that this “aggressive” form of cancer has not spread the way they insisted it would. I will continue to take at lower doses when the cancer is gone. My tumor has started shrinking (by 2 centimeters), much to the doctors’ surprise. I credit God first (for His wisdom), and this and other products in my protocol.



May 22, 2014

AMAZING PRODUCT! Give this to my 94 yr old mom with dementia, arthritis, & breast cancer. NO side effects from chemo, no more knee pain & more mentally alert. Oh yes, tumors shrinking.

Rosella Castillo

Quickened Healing
May 12, 2014

I don’t usually review products but I believe this does what it says. My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer one 6 weeks before his surgery. I immediately researched that led me to this product. Immune Force built up his immunity that he bounced back from surgery the following day. The doctor and family were amazed. The incision healed quickly and in one week parts were healed to a seam. At home I continue giving him Immune Force that helped him continue to heal.


I first took immune force in LA a few months ago.  Soon after I  went to South America with a number of people, and I took it with me. During this trip, almost everyone starting getting sick, except for me.  I started giving people Immune Force and pretty soon they were coming to my hotel room night for refills.  Everyone felt better.  I’ve continued taking immune force – usually twice a day.  Any time I feel weak I up the dosage and I’m happy to say that over the past year I haven’t spend more than a day under the weather.  It has the best combination of ingredients I have seen, and the best results for me. 2/24/14



Kenneth Self, R.N. 10/13

I had a wound on the side of my head that has not healed in over three years. It would just scab over and nothing more. Since I have started to take Immune Force, it has shrunk and now the scar is completely gone. …. I work in a hospital and am exposed to many diseases. I’ve noticed a greater ability to resist these diseases and an overall increase in feeling healthy.

Leah C.

August 20th, 2013

One amazing and unexpected result of using Immune Force was the outstanding benefits it had on my back. In August 2012 I suffered a severe spine injury and (…) have been in constant therapy for the past year. Immune Force has given me more mobility and function(…). I now have more flexibility; more movement and I can even walk better as a result of taking Immune Force.


A.O, 26 years old,
Los Angeles, CA September 6th, 2013

In just 3 months, Immune Force has regulated my digestive system and has taken away common PMS symptoms, such as cramps, mood swings and acne. (…) An added bonus is that my sleeping has been much deeper and my dreams clearer.


Los Angeles, CA September 9th, 2013

I have had a persistent and very distressing cough and problems with my lungs on and off for the past two years. I tried many many things but nothing resolved it. Since I began the supplement a few months ago, my cough has almost entirely cleared! I also have a great deal more energy both when I wake up in the mornings and throughout the day.


Los Angeles, CA 8/22/2013

Immune Force has had a profound effect on so many different areas of my body! (…) I also used to have liver gallbladder pain due to gallstones. It has decreased as well. (…) Certain foods would cause rashes on my skin. I don’t get those anymore.

Leonie C.

September 23rd, 2013, UK

I’m a seventy year old lady and live a fairly active life. So when I was introduced to Immune Force I was eager to try it and to see if it would enhance the quality of my life. After about two weeks I found that I was already feeling calmer and seemed to be more focused. My friends and family have spontaneously told me how well and how much younger I`m looking. Now after a couple of months, the stomach complaint I have, which make me feel bloated and sick after eating, has 75% cleared up. Also the joint on my painful thumb has cleared up 90%.


September 26th, 2013, UK

I have been using immune force for over two months. The major benefits I have found are mental, emotional and physical. My capacity to remain focused has improved. I have better clarity of thought and I find it has become easier to correlate, and then express complex ideas. Since taking immune force I have not suffered from menstrual cramps or mood swings. Healing appears to be quicker; a severe bruise took about 10 days to completely disappear.

H. Klein, M.D. 10/13

For the past several years, I have had a low body temperature running at 97.7⁰F. My Thyroid hormone levels are normal, including my Free T3. I have not been able to raise my temp by exercise of diet. I eat organic, am gluten free, casein free and do not eat any GMO foods or processed foods. I started taking Immune Force several months ago and last week, to my pleasant surprise, my body temp came up to 98.4⁰F. I cannot attribute this to anything other than Immune Force. I am quite impressed by this product.