An autoimmune issue had me losing my eyebrows, eyelashes and hair in clumps. As a woman who had enjoyed having a nice head of hair most of her life, I found this quite disturbing. So much hair would fall out that the drains in my sinks clogged and I could have knitted a sweater with all of the lost hair. Each time I’d get my hair cut, my hair guy would hold up clumps of my lost hair in his hands.  The frustrating part about it was that I couldn’t take any of the hair growth pills on the market because they contain gluten or other ingredients I am allergic to. Then a few weeks ago, I discovered Bioscience Int​ernational Ultimate Fish Blend. They are not like any other fish pill on the market. People will say they have tried fish pills but they don’t understand.  Until they have tried these, they have not tried fish pills The difference is in the delivery system and the cutting edge technology. If you have any issues with digestion and absorbing nutrients and vitamins (as I did), this product is created in such a way that your cells and body actually recognizes it and eagerly uses it. I’m grateful and happy to report that after a few weeks of taking these fish pills every day and my hair is no longer falling out. Not only that, it’s shiny and strong and the way it used to be. I went to the hair salon yesterday and my hair guy said asked me right away what had happened. He said my hair was stronger, longer and I have more of it too. He said he had never seen it like this before. I’m writing this to share my story with others so we can all enjoy strength, radiance and vibrancy inside and out.