I have been on a spiritual path for the last twelve years, meditating, yoga, working with spiritual teachers. My goal was to find a state of mind that is peaceful and calm. Even though all those practices helped to reach those states, it’s always been hard to stay in them for a long time. After starting to take Immune Force and Brain Support with Ultimate Fish Blend achieving those states of mind became much easier and a feeling of peace and calm that is deeper and more stable was achieved that I couldn’t achieve before.

Vitaliy Landa

I’ve been taking the Immune Force for years now.  It is truly a gift to take these, and has made my life better in a lot of ways.  I don’t get sick anymore, I survive harsh conditions like freezing cold, people coughing and spreading germs all over the place, sweltering heat, humidity, pollen, and everything that life has to offer.  And I will continue taking this supplement for life.  I recommend it to everyone, without any doubts or reservations.  Thanks BioScience!

Alex Morgovsky
Immune Force: # 1 – The Most Powerful Immune System Supplement, because of Its Anti-inflammatory Effect and Mushroom Content. Immune Support – Immune System Booster. (240 caps/bottle) (Health and Beauty)
I started taking Immune Force two weeks ago for celiac/autoimmune issues and it has made a life-changing difference in my energy levels, joint pain, digestion, sleep, nervous system, and overall vibrancy. An amazing side effect of taking Immune Force is that the life-long eczema on my leg has vanished like Houdini after just two weeks. See attached before/after photos here. I took Before photos after I noticed this product was curing my eczema after taking this a few days, so it was definitely much worse before. This product is like nothing else on the market, I have tried pretty much all of them – and this is the only time I’ve actually had real results. . And the results are dramatic + life-transforming. I’m so grateful I found these products and am excited for you to experience the healing benefits if you try! Whole-heartedly recommend! Thank you.
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They are amazing especially for awareness all day, no lulls in the afternoon, NO pms, no intense emotional mood swings that you have to control and NO cramps! YEAH! the ladies need to know this – even if they just took the immune force it would help with these symptoms – it’s well worth the investment. thanks!


Sharon’s Liver Lab Charts. Click to enlarge.



I had two big cyst in my uterus and had to wait 3 weeks for them the shrink or do a surgery. I started taking immune force as soon as I left the doctors office after my good friend and client recommended it to me. I ended up going in to the doctors office one week early and found out that the cyst were completely gone. I couldn’t believe it.
This stuff works.
Thank you so much!



My father has stage IV cancer and has been taking chemotherapy for the past 8months. He has seen great results from using Immune force during Chemo!! He has very few side effects from the Chemotherapy. Immune force gives him more energy, and his blood work has been great despite being on chemo for this long. It also helps strengthen and protect his immune system from any pathogens during the chemo!


In the beginning of 2014, I was having problems with being jaundice and all other symptoms associated with gall bladder, liver and bile duct issues. I discovered Immune Force while researching medical information on the Internet.  I knew with out a doubt that this was going to be the answer to my problem.  I had three tumors on my bile duct and was eventually scheduled for the Whipple procedure.  I only had three weeks to work on the problem before my surgery.  I started out taking the minimum dosage and worked up to 27 pills a day. During my surgery the doctor reported that when he touched the tumors they fell off like dust.  I made a miraculous recovery and I thank God for this wonderful product because it played a major part in saving my life.

Eunice Ward

May, 2015

I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies and supplements, but the BioScience International line seems to be the best out there. I’ve had sinus issues since childhood and Immune Force has greatly diminished them. My life has been intense lately with 60+ hour work weeks, major life challenges, and regular traveling across country.Their products (Brain Power, Immune Force, Liver Strength, and Ultimate Fish Blend) have been a key part of my health regime to keep me healthy, energized and strong through it all. One other major benefit I noticed was last winter when I caught a cold/flu and I increased my dosage of Immune Force and the cold was gone in two days!

Aaron Pyne

March, 2015

I used the Bioscience Immune Force softgels and within a few weeks not only did it help with my cold symptoms, but also the cold sores that normally get worse for me in the winter. Thanks.

Dinesh Jobanputra